People say that ‘house is a building, home is the feeling’. You can go back to the house you used to live in without being home because the feeling how used to feel isn’t there anymore. It is either because the people change or just the situation. Time can do that to you.

Nowadays people are too busy to earn money they work constantly and going home just to rest for awhile before going back to work again. Home is no longer a place for solace but a transit –an inbetween. That kind of home is the one people define as a house –the building. It exists physically but isn’t there mentally. That’s not how we want it to be but it is how it is becoming. Reality can do that for you.

My home, I don’t feel like having one. Either no longer have or just never have. I used to think that I have a home but at certain point when I was home I didn’t feel like being home. Even when I try to trace back whether I really had home before, I don’t know, I can’t decide. If I really never had a home before I should look for one now because people need their home. I need one.


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