Back then in December I’ve started planning my new year’s resolution –stuffs I want to do and complete in the upcoming year. And as usual, there is a reading challenge on that list. My target is to read 50 books in a year or approximately 1 book a week with special condition 10 of them must be nonfiction books. I’ve read a lot of books but rarely nonfiction so that’s why I made that as my reading challenge this year.

Also back in December I reset my Goodreads account to list my book collection and mark the ones I’ve read and haven’t read. I also joined Emma Watson’s Our Shared Shelf group to possibly join their monthly reading for this year. The reason I chose this group is because I wanted to expand my reading list with books about equality and feminism. And hopefully I will able to join their discussion after reading those books.

One last reading challenge I wanted to participate this year is 2017 POPSUGAR Reading Challenge. I stumbled on it and the list they made for the reading challenge is interest me. There are 40 book prompts on the list with 12 additional prompts for the advance challenge. The rule is the book we read should fulfill the prompts on the list, either 1 book for each prompt or 1 book as a combination of several prompts. The key is to diversify the type of books we read. This is a good idea for me because I mostly read fiction –chicklit or books from authors I’ve read before. dc049a522d84b84f_ps16_jp_living_2017readingchallenge_list_r2

So those above are my reading challenge for 2017, hopefully I can complete all 3 of them. The struggle might be with Our Shared Shelf reading list because I might not able to have the book they read but I’ll try my best. I’m gonna make a quarterly recap to see how is the reading challenge going.

My first book in this 2017 Reading Challenge is Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick. I love Anna Kendrick. She seems like a fun person based on what I see from her TV appearances and interviews. Maybe in her first autobiography I can see more of her quirkiness. And I’m currently in desperate need of something fun.

Wish me luck for my 2017 Reading Challenge.


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