Still continuing my previous rant about my fresh-from-the-oven status, this time I want to talk about what is my next step in overcoming this unemployment. I already told my parents about my situation and soon enough they contacted some of our relatives that could help me in finding a job. They gave me their contact details and said that I should send them my CV. That’s very nice of them.

Instead of updating my CV to send to my relatives, I am writing this post. I just have this little uncertainty whether sending my CV to them is the right thing to do. First, my relatives work in quite different field as my education background and previous working experience. I studied Ocean Engineering for 7 years during my undergraduate and graduate school then 1 year working in it professionally. I can’t really say Ocean Engineering is my passion but I enjoy working in this field. I feel really great that I could finally practice all those things I’ve learned during college. So working in different field is never in my agenda. And getting a job from my relatives’ help then quit halfway cos I’m feeling out of place is not either. My other worry is I’m 26 years old –almost 27. At that age I should be building a career not just looking for a job that pays. But realistically as an unemployed with no income I really should get my head straight. This is not the time for being idealistic and nonsensical. Alas, becoming an unemployed can’t automatically change someone’s mindset overnight.

One thing for sure at the moment, I really should be working on my CV. What is it going to happen after sending it to my relatives, I could worry about that later.


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