(this post is originally written and published on 2015 on this blog.)

If people ask me what kind of music I listen to, the answer is mostly K-POP. My playlist consists of songs from my favorite artists and some from movies or TV series soundtracks. If I like certain artist I basically download all of their songs and listen to it over and over. I don’t actually follow to the newest or trendiest K-POP songs at the time but if I stumble to a certain song from a certain artist and like it, I will download all songs from that album.

My newest crush is Epik High, a hip-hop trio consists of Tablo, Mithra and DJ Tukutz. Although they are definitely Korean, I don’t know whether I can categorize them as K-POP cos basically their genre is hip hop. This is my first time listening and falling into hip-hop. The reason why I get to know Epik High in the first place is not from their song but from Tablo’s appearance in a variety show, Superman Returns. I fell into his personality after watching his interaction with his daughter and reading articles about his ‘scandal’.

Shoebox Album content
Shoebox Album content

Then in 2014 Epik High finally released an album called Shoebox and I decided to buy it. This album has 12 tracks with its double title songs, Spoiler and Happen Ending.  I can’t give commentary from musical pov cos I am basically tone deaf. But the magic of this album is even without knowing what they were singing –cos they are mostly in Korean, I can enjoy listening to the songs. And my other way of enjoying any songs is by reading the lyric, in this case the lyric translation. Most of the songs in Shoebox are written by Tablo whom I will call as a genius lyricist. They even provide English translation of the lyrics in the album and I think Tablo himself wrote it. Tablo definitely has a great English skill as he grew up in America and went to school in Stanford.

I am gonna write up some memorable lyric translation of my favorite songs in Shoebox. Basically I love these cos I can relate to it and I love the words or phrases used.

  • Encore (lyrics by Tablo, Mithra)


I smile for my dear mama. As I’m the spitting image of my dad, I fear that if I cry, she’ll see him crying. And I smile for my dad. So that my tears will never again break his heart.

I didn’t realize that the show was over. Don’t you tell me that it’s over. No, I didn’t realize that the show was over.

Look at me now. You know that I’m here to stay. I didn’t realize that the show was over. Thank you. It was nice to know ya.

No, I didn’t realize that the show was over. The show goes on.”

  • Happen Ending (lyrics by Tablo)

It’s different this time. I tell myself. But without fail, as always, it ends. Do we come together to love or do we come together in order to break apart? Again it’s come to greet me, this happen ending.


  • Spoiler (lyrics by Tablo)

Your distant stares and your words are spoilers. I see the end in every little thing you do. I try to ignore them, but I can feel these spoilers. Should I sit through it all? Or should I leave now? There might be a plot twist.

I see the end, but baby don’t let’s go. Even if it’s one last scene, don’t wanna miss it, so I can’t let go. The End?”

Actually whole lyric of this song is genius, thus my most favorite.

  • We Fight Ourselves (lyrics by Tablo)

Oh no. Not again. I can’t fall asleep, leaving things the way they are. Oh no. Not again. Winning is losing, but we rush to the finish line. We always fight.

We fight ourselves.

  • Born Hater (lyrics by Tablo, Mithra, Beenzino, Verbal Jint, B.I, Mino, Bobby)

All you’ve done for me is point your cursors at me.

Man, fuck you. Man, fuck your ID. Nah, fuck your IP, man I’m sick of y’all geeks.

Some of y’all are born haters. Dispersed in every social circle. Regardless of what I do, you react with an innate shallowness. It may be painful truth, but it is in your nature.

  • Eyes, Nose, Lips (lyrics by Tablo)

I’d rather we be dead to each other. No eulogies said for each other. No rest in peace’s.

I’m prayin’ that your eyes are the first to go. The way they looked when you smiled. The way they opened and closed. Then your nose. Every single breath against my neck. And then your lips. Every empty promise made and said.

Please fade. Fade to black. Please fade. Fade to black. But the nightmares comeback.

Because your eyes, nose, lips-every look and every breath, every kiss-still got me dyin’. You still got me cryin’

So take it slow and let time heal everything. They say that time flies but you keep breakin’ its wings.

You wish me well. You wish me well. I wish you hell.

  • Shoebox (lyrics by Tablo)

Babe, I’m coming home. Just wait, I’ll be at your door soon. You won’t ever be alone. If I’m late, I’ll be laying at your side when you wake up.

Never ‘home’ without you. All alone without you. Baby, I’m on my way home.

Footprints and beaten paths. We leaves here in shoeboxes.

Overall I give this album 10 points out of 10. This album is perfect as my first Epik High and Korean hip-hop album. Hopefully I can see them perform live.



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