There are few related keywords people commonly use in their new year resolution, such as money, health, school/job, reading and writing. And so do I, my goals in this year could be easily divided in those 5 categories. Giving ‘Journey to the Weight Loss’ as the title of this post doesn’t mean that my target this year in health category is to lose weight. There are reasons why it seems that losing weight is what I am doing right now and I am going to explain the journey of that.

I began to work and earn my own money since February last year. Since then I started to pay for my own life expenses. It is quite late looking at the fact that I was already 26 years old at that time but as an excuse I just graduated. I made a list of all my daily and monthly expenses and then I found out that I only spend money for food, personal necessities and utilities. I still have quite a lot to spare from my monthly income at that time. Of course the wisest thing to do is to save up the money for future needs but I decided to look for things that I could spend the money for instead. I felt like spending all of my hard earned money for my own need is a way for me to treat myself. Then sometime in August I got a call from a Gold’s Gym salesman from my friend’s referral for a 1 day free trial there. I never exercise before except in college during sport class and I am indeed overweight so I decided to go for the trial and check out the gym. In short, I joined their membership and signed up for the Personal Trainer program also. I spent a lot of money.

In September and October, I tried to work out with my PT as often as I could because I was still working and my schedule was very randomly busy. But in November and December I stopped coming to the gym at all because I wasn’t in a fit condition, physically and mentally. Then as I already stated in some of previous posts, at the end of the year I decided to pull myself together and made a plan how to make things right again. Of course in money and job related resolutions, the plan failed miserably at the early year when it turned out they I got sacked. So there are 3 other categories I can focus on while hatching another plan for the other 2. I decided to go back to the gym and train with my PT.

Unfortunately there was another hurdle in this part too. It turns out that my PT program has an expired date. Although I signed up for a 24 plus 3 training session with my PT and haven’t used all of them, the program is expired at the end of this January. As I already paid for the program and don’t want to waste it because I’m an unemployed, I decided to train everyday with my PT until the expired date. On 9th January I started to work out again and as per my PT’s advice we set on a weight loss target for me. So that’s how the Journey to the Weight Loss comes to be. For me losing weight is not the goal but the means because my intention is to not waste anymore money in my current condition as an unemployed. And so far it works quite well because I don’t have any activity whole day and going to the gym is a good way to spend the time. As a bonus I can work out regularly and hopefully lose some weight. For spoiler, I already lose some weight compare to the the 1st time I started go to the gym again. I’ll write about my weight loss later after my PT program expired.


3 thoughts on “Journey to the Weight Loss

  1. i am so envious of your independance! i would give the word to be financially independant! sorry about the job. hope 2017 is a better year for you.


    1. I suggest you can start by managing your current financial. Spending money wisely is a great start for being financially independent imo. I have a great hope for 2017 and hopefully it’ll be great for you too.
      Thanks for dropping a comment. 🙂


      1. I am actually a student still living at home. I dont even have a job yet. but thanks for replying! i will heed your advice when i do start working!


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