(Don’t) Judge a Book by Its Cover

I am an avid reader. I read everything. I get better understanding in things by reading. I am also a bibliophile, in a way that I really love to buy and collect books -the physical ones. Lately I've been reading a lot of e-books but the impulse to buy the physical book of that particular … Continue reading (Don’t) Judge a Book by Its Cover


Journey to the Weight Loss

There are few related keywords people commonly use in their new year resolution, such as money, health, school/job, reading and writing. And so do I, my goals in this year could be easily divided in those 5 categories. Giving 'Journey to the Weight Loss' as the title of this post doesn't mean that my target this … Continue reading Journey to the Weight Loss

Birthday Treat

I am never big on birthday, either mine or others. I rarely congratulate others on their birthday even if I knew it was their birthday. If I congratulate someone on their birthday, it is usually out of obligation, I just don't want them to feel bad just because I don't congratulate them. I don't publish … Continue reading Birthday Treat